Our Initiatives

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Leadership Workshop for Teenage girls (AkA Womentorship)

Teenage years can be hard for girls as they face all kinds of discrimination. African girls especially may experience a sense of insecurity, lack confidence or inferiority as a result of socialization. The Womentorship program is a platform for building the confidence of teenage girls through leadership development, community service and goal setting.  The Specific Objective is to ensure that girls show a high level of confidence that will support them in making informed decisions and taking up leadership roles and responsibilities. Ordinary teenage girls are supported to become extraordinary women. Womentorship has held in Uyo, Ibadan and Umuahia.


Widows Hope Program

This is a platform to give back to the community with a focus on widows. Fifty (50) widows are identified (elderly, unemployed/unemployable, have little or no care taker, maybe in poor physical condition/physically challenged etc) and selected to receive support which will position them to be self independent. BFI has worked with fifty widows in Oruk Anam LGA of Akwa Ibom States as well as Akpabuyo in Cross River State.


Community Health Sensitisation

Aims at providing health sensitization and information that will encourage behavior change among community members for improved health. BFI has held a community sensitization in Kobi community of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja.